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Attorney-at-law Dr. jur. Robert Trzaskowski

In my professional life, I value most reliability and solidity in action. I am also characterized by a critical mind, strong internal independence and honesty in communicating with the client. I do not succumb to pressure. Challenges inspire me and motivate me to continue working.
I am relentless, and whenever it is needed even stubborn in trying to solve cases and find solutions to legal problems.
On the other hand, I also have the natural ability to ease tense situations whenever possible. I try to turn conflicts into win-win situations for each party in the dispute. That why I decided to become mediator. I am on the list of the court mediators.
I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz with a very good result. I am a graduate of postgraduate studies on legal services for entrepreneurs.
During the attorney’s apprenticeship, I gained my lawyer training under the patronage of Piotr Paduszyński, an outstanding lawyer from Łódź. I also worked as an attorney trainee with an excellent civilian lawyer Wojciech Krzysztofek.
In 2018, I have defended my doctorate in constitutional law and received the title of the doctor of jurisprudence.

I use the knowledge I have gained in practice. I forge it into success.

Currently, I provide legal services for municipal companies and other business entities. I draw up and review contracts in commercial transactions, often multi-million transactions. My legal office was entrusted with conducting complex commercial court disputes. Individual clients have trusted me in their inheritance cases, protection of personal rights cases, regarding lease agreements cases, loan agreements cases, protection of property and possession cases, and many others. Each case is a new challenge for me, always preceded by a thorough analysis of the possibilities of action.